Friday, June 4, 2010

My garden.

I really wanted to work on my garden today, but I have been so busy with my kids and cooking today that I did not get a chance to get my hands dirty.
I did go out there to see what was going on. My garden doesn't look the best, and its very small because many plants have died, others are surviving, and now that I have 10 times more information I plan on seeding around October, all my beds will have new seeds that will hopefully have a better chance!

Here is what I have now, the reason why I am sharing this photos is so that you can see the before and after.

Marigolds are planted randomly in my beds, as well as in pots around my house.

We have been eating blueberries out of my baby blueberry tree :) I can't wait till these get blue! I still have it in a pot until I find the right spot for it, I am hoping with some food this tree will bloom twice as much next year.

My jalapeno peppers are blooming, my leaves were attacked by caterpillars a week ago but I believe it's recovering now, also I have some black spotting on the leaves which might be a sign of fungus, I have sprayed baking soda and water, my good friend Erin suggested I do that.

As you can see my peppers have blooms, I have 4 actual peppers popping out and about 6 flowers.

These are my bell peppers, I was suggested I give them food, they have been blooming here and there but never got a big pepper from it, just little ones.

This is my Lemon Thyme, I absolutely love this herb for meats and salads! It tastes really good on fish too. This plant is doing well, it grows quickly and it is hard to keep it from flowering.

Rosemary and Oregano, they are doing well, they were in a little tiny pot before so I am hoping they will have more room to expand now that I have planted them on my beds. squash, not doing so well, not growing so big, but it's not dead, it has a lot of little blooms under there, some of the leaves look yellowish and like they are burning on the sides, perhaps food will help this guys too.

This one was attacked by caterpillars as well. not sure what it is? a pepper plant? or tomato? my kids seeded some of them long time ago and I cannot figure out what it is....

I have plenty more, basil, parsley, strawberries, cantaloupe, lettuce,and lots and lots of baby plants that I dont know what they are because my kids planted them, they grew! but being a beginner can be hard sometimes when your kids seed behind your back and you don't know what's out there ;)

Well tomorrow I will clean my beds and feed them too.

LOVE, plant and grow!


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Organically Sound Blog said...

The jalapeno peppers and blueberries look fantastic! Do you have any oak trees to plant your blueberry bush close by? I look forward to seeing a recipe with your own garden produce! :)