Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Back home.

I was out of town and I am happy to say that I am Home Sweet Home :).

I missed cooking and missed my house, and my garden, my veggies, my roses and everything around it.

I am happy to report that my rose bush has 13 roses about to bloom any day now! My rose tree has about 6 buds, I am so excited! I will have fresh roses on my table this week. This is what its looking like.

This morning I got 7 jalapenos out of my garden, and I counted 12 little flowers that Im hoping they will turn into actual jalapenos. My kids are just showing a couple of them, my husband ate the rest.

Ok. This is so amazing, last Wednesday night I planted some seeds to put on my kitchen window, lettuce and cilantro, look at this guys, it hasn't even been a week and they are going crazy.

My kids are loving this whole gardening thing, and I am too, the amount of birds in our yard has multiplied in the last couple of weeks, we have at least 6-8 different species coming to our backyard, I know it's not exactly a good thing if they are eating my seeds, or blueberries or anything else they can find, but it is absolutely beautiful to watch, and my kids get so excited, we are learning all the breeds and how they live. I have not had a chance to get them on camera but this week I will get some of them.

Please give this whole gardening thing a try, it is well worth it, even if you don't get fruits! you will have a chance to explore nature in so many new ways you never even imagined!

Stay green!

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