Friday, June 4, 2010

Eco Gardening Workshop

I had the chance to attend a wonderful Eco Gardening Workshop at my local Home Depot, we were lucky enough to have a very knowledgeable lady telling us everything there is to know about gardening.

So one thing I found out as a beginner gardener is that I was basically starving my plants, she said we should treat our vegetables like babies, water, food and sun, I bought a couple of products, all organic and made with basically 2 ingredients that I will be talking about later on.

Today I have a goal. Go out in my garden, clean up all the leaves, give my plants some food, add coffee grounds and egg shells to my beds and add some new flowers to attract more bees and butterflies. My garden almost looks like its dying now but I have high hopes it will come back up to life, check back later for photos and more detailed instructions on what I have done.

Also I have a delicious Mousse de Chocolate recipe you can use to fill cakes or to just eat out of a glass!

Later my friends!

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