Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I bought the kids the bug kits, to do research ;) I am not a huge fan of bugs at all but I thought they would have a blast catching them (with my help) and studying them.

So we got 3 spiders, a crab spider which is hiding on the top so you can't see her, but I did get a photo of it while she was free, don't worry we plan on letting them go in the next couple of days.

Smiley Crabby the kids named it. This is it when she was free.

and poor smiley crabby probably no longer smiley now she is in here, at the very top right.

along with 2 black widows who have become very good friends.

We need to feed them right? well I guess those little black beetles we caught last night weren't tasty enough for them, so today my brother helped the kids catch a fly, very fat and disgusting in my opinion if you think about where it's been....

Who knows it might be good dinner tonight. And he helped get 4 HUGE ants...red and fat and well not very pretty, but perhaps tasty. My kids sat for a long time waiting for the spiders to attack but I believe they eat at night? not sure...we have done research online to find out about all the insects in our little bug house, good stuff there!

Oh yes and in the kitchen we have a glass jar filled with caterpillars, hoping they will get fat and chunky and turn into butterflies and not something else...like a moth of some sort ;) more on that later....

Get out catch a bug and teach your kids all about it!


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