Monday, August 9, 2010

Menu for this week

Here is what im cooking this week. I hope to make tutorials out of it but I can't promise because I have been super busy!

Today it was home made ground beef burgers with fresh sliced tomatoes.
Tuesday:  "La Ribolitta" by David Rocco
Wednesday: clean up refrigerator frittata (basically all I have in the fridge into 1 pan) with soy patties
Thursday: beef milanesas with baked potatoes
Friday: slow cooked chicken served with brown rice
Saturday: Lasagna
Sunday: we are eating leftovers yum!

All dishes served with fresh salad or veggies. Dessert for the kids is usually fresh fruits, or organic yogurt, sometimes we stick a spoon in the yogurt, freeze it over night and the next day they get super excited about eating "ice cream"

Now Im off to buy all the ingredients for my menus!

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