Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Last minute BBQ

So my dear husband decided to BBQ last minute on Sunday, we are all excited but wait what should we throw on the grill, well I had some frozen ground beef so I proceeded to make burgers, for salad I had no greens but I had tomatoes and corn, and a lot of chicken breast so this is what we came up with.

For the salad, chop tomatoes about 3-4 and 1 can of whole kernel corn, add a little salt and pepper.

 For the grill, I have no idea what my husband did to this chicken but it was so juicy and soooo GOOD, my husband never cooks but when he does he is the best! In other words I can only offer a photo of the chicken maybe one day he will give me his secret.

And well ok, I ate this burger. I grabbed whole grain bread, just 1 slice cut in half, topped it with mozzarella cheese and added some of that tomato salad :)

And dessert of course was the cheesecake I made yesterday.

We had fun and good and simple food that tasted delicious and was healthy too, well except for the cheesecake part....

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