Saturday, October 30, 2010

Wow! I need to get cooking...

Honestly I have been cooking every single day! But I have been so busy trying to catch up with everything.
First of all I took my son out of preschool, he was not happy at all and neither was I, so we decided it was best to keep him home this year, I am very excited to start homeschooling him, I have ordered my first curriculum from SONLIGHT and cannot wait to open that box filled with learning materials, I will of course share with my friends what it's like to homeschool having 3 little ones, I am curious myself if I can make it all work.

Photography has been keeping me busy, with Holidays coming up I have a lot of work scheduled ahead of me, that makes me extremely happy though! to know that people want me to capture those special times with their families, I truly love what I do, I have so much to plan for next year, but everything is keeping me excited and all this excitement just gives me energy to go on.

I have some cooking projects in mind to share with all of you soon, hopefully in the next couple of weeks, sorry I have not been that active on my blog, it is not easy keeping up with all of it sometimes.

Well I must go on to yet another Halloween party, this just tells me that on Monday I must strictly diet to loose all the extra weight I am going to gain this weekend haha, it feels like I have been party hoping since Friday, its only Saturday afternoon, 1 more party today and 2 more tomorrow, the kids are happy and having a blast, so am I!


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