Monday, May 31, 2010

Compost update

I have to give you the real scoop on this thing, everything was going wonderful, my compost was actually beginning to turn into dirt, oh I was so excited! only that one night it rained and rained and well my compost got wet, which means it got extremely stinky and maggots were all over my compost happily munching away whatever was in there. The stink was so bad the whole neighborhood could smell it. Unfortunately I tried but could not save it :(

My mistake, do not punch so many holes at the top, make sure you have holes all throughout the bin so that it has more air to breathe, by this I mean, holes at the bottom, and if you are using a regular bin like I am just raise it up with a couple of concrete blocks, also holes all around the sides. I believe that was my mistake not having enough air circulating in there and letting the rain get to it, perhaps I should have it under a roof as well.

I am not giving up though! I will continue until I get it right ;)


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